Top 5 articles from 2019:

  1. Secret Google UX Playbooks – all leaked playbooks in one place
    The most popular article, by far, is a compilation of all UX playbooks from Google.
    In total, six playbooks were leaked at first, detailing the best practices for  finance, lead gen, retail, real estate, travel & news websites . Later, another one was leaked too, for  auto sales.
    The playbooks contain countless data-driven tips and recommendations on how to improve on-site user experience and increase conversions.

  2. Sticky Add to Cart Button Example: Actual A/B Test Results
    Should the “Add to Cart” button be sticky? Or should it be just a normal element of the page? This case study provides wireframes and test results, showing how much more orders the winning variation got.

  3. Churn rate benchmarks: How high is too high?
    Based on multiple sources and on real numbers, this provides as much info as you could find about churn. Companies are usually not too willing to share this kind of data so this is a rare glimpse into a churn black hole.

  4. Case Study: How Spotify achieves astonishing 46% conversion rate from free to paid
    Step by step case study detailing what Spotify is doing to achieve industry-leading conversion rates.

  5. The Average Website Conversion Rate by Industry
    While conversion rates are always highly contextual (a store selling high-end electronics isn’t going to have the same conversion rate as one selling $10 t-shirts), it’s still worth to have at least a vague idea about what the industry benchmark might be. This article provides such benchmarks for multiple industries and for different types of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

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