Instagram marketing works. And if you’re an e-commerce business, you almost certainly need to do it.

To do it, you need a strategy. Today’s article is not about the strategy. It’s about the tools.

Once you’re clear on your strategy for reaching out to your buyers, you need to be able to do more of, it more effectively.

A whole micro-industry of tools and apps has sprung up from the rapid lift-off of Instagram as the platform of choice for many e-commerce marketers.

The problem is that simply discovering the huge array of great tools and then unraveling the multiple features and benefits of each can be a bewildering task.

To save you time, here’s the list of 40 of the tools. Choose what you need and profit 🙂

For each tool, you will find an indication of price, a brief description, the pluses and minuses associated with it (in the article linked below), as well as a link to where you can get hold of it.

Plan & schedule content with these Instagram management tools

Scheduling tool for content uploading, editing, scheduling, and posting for multiple Instagram accounts.
Cost: 7-day free trial; plans start at $20/month (from 0-20,000 followers) up to $100/month (for 1-2 million followers)

Schedule content for posting on all the major social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Cost: 30-day free trial; plans start at $14.99/month

Similar to Schedugram but can be used on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
Cost: Free 7-day trial. Plans from $19/month – $179/month

A visual planner and scheduler that is great for organizing your content feed and attracting new followers.
Cost: From FREE to $3-9/month (depending on Basic, Premium, or Unlimited version)

A popular app that allows you to easily plan consistent content to keep your feed engaging for your followers.
Cost: From free to $50/month

Create better posts (images & video) using these tools

Easily add text to images and be more creative with your Instagram image design – direct from your mobile phone.
Cost: FREE or $3.99 for more features

Pic Stitch
Create different types of collages and share them easily across social media channels.
Cost: FREE with in-app purchases

Helps you quickly resize images for use across all the major social media networks.
Cost: FREE

Create one-second long videos to play forward and backward on a loop on Android or iPhone.
Cost: FREE

Edit photos from a smartphone using high-quality filters for new image effects.
Cost: FREE or optional annual subscription at $19.99 for advanced features and newest tools

Edit photos from your iPhone and add more of an original, creative quality to your image feed.
Cost: $3.99

Font Candy
Mobile editor for adding text in different fonts and styles: great for creative, engaging messaging to your Instagram followers.
Cost: Free or $3.99 for the full version

Grow your Instagram following with these tools

Identify and manage people you follow, who follow you, and those you should follow.
Cost: From FREE to $200/month

Sprout Social
A complete social media management platform, with tools to make your Instagram marketing more efficient.
Cost: Free 30-day trial. Plans from $59/month – $1500/month

Makes it simple to identify and manage followers on Instagram (and Twitter too).
Cost: Free version available. Paid version with more features at $49/month; highest-end plan pricing available on request.

Track what your competition is posting and improve your own content to grow your following on Instagram.
Cost: Free 7-day trial available. $12-65/month.

Provides actionable insights that bring more quality and engagement to posts – which helps grow your following.
Cost: FREE and Pro plan available (pricing on request)

Viral Tag
Share visual content across multiple social media channels; schedule posts and monitor performance on Instagram.
Cost: Free 14-day trial version. Paid versions from $24-$249/month

An analytical tool to track Instagram influencers and brands to attract more major players with big followings.
Cost: FREE. Paid plans start at $249/month.

Social media management tool to grow your fan base, back up content and stay up to date with social media news.
Cost: From $2.97 – $69.99/month

Increase ecommerce sales with these Instagram marketing tools

Soldsie (Formerly
Helps your store create a virtual storefront by creating a ‘clone’ of your Instagram feed.
Cost: Free 30-day trial. Limited free plan available. Paid plans from $5 – $300/month

Helps convert more followers by turning your Instagram account into an extension of your store.
Cost: Free demo available. Pricing on request.

Creates a gallery to help followers go beyond your feed to the product pages of your ecommerce store.
Cost: Pricing available on request. Demo available.

Extends beyond Instagram and connects your followers to multiple stores – Shopify, eBay, Etsy, etc.
Cost: Free plan for one store available with a 10% commission fee. Other pricing depends on sales and store numbers: up to $499/month plus 1% commission (for the largest accounts).
Turns Instagram posts into shoppable images that send followers directly to your store’s product pages.
Cost: Free 14-day trial available. $20/month.

A virtual marketplace: sell your products directly from Instagram by adding the Inselly hashtag to posts.
Cost: Free – no commissions

Send shoppers directly to your store using this popular, approved Instagram app that integrates with Shopify.
Cost: 21-day free trial available. Plans from $50/month – $300/month

Create shoppable Instagram galleries for your ecommerce store.
Cost: 14-day free trial available. Plans at $29/month

Better measure and analyze performance on Instagram

Iconosquare (was statigram)
Basically “Google Analytics for Instagram”: for analyzing all key performance indicators to optimize your marketing strategy.
Cost: 7-day free trial; monthly plans from $9 per account

Provides the data to determine ROI from Instagram and other social media campaigns.
Cost: Free demo available. Pricing available on request.
Analyzes your feed to provide in-depth data on your audience, engagement levels, and content mix.
Cost: Free 14-day trial available. Monthly plans from $20-$500.

Simply Measured
Measure the effectiveness of posts and assess ROI from campaigns across multiple social media channels.
Cost: Free user report available. Paid version has complete features at $500-$800/month.

Social Insight
Monitor and accelerate follower growth with in-depth analytics across multiple Instagram accounts.
Cost: Free trial. Business plans available between $29 and $79/month

Manage your Instagram account more effectively by making more informed decisions.
Cost: FREE

Miscellaneous apps that improve the user (or store owner) experience

Makes it easy to gather user reviews from Instagram.
Cost: Free demo available. A range of plans available – pricing on request.

Create competitions, email capture campaigns, and rewards systems.
Cost: Free with limited features and Gleam branding. More advanced plans range from $39-$149/month (with personalized branding).

Wyng (was offerpop)
Manage User Generated Content effectively on Instagram and create contests to improve engagement.
Cost: Pricing only available on request

Easily share other people’s content to your Instagram following and showcase user-generated content.
Cost: FREE

Embed your Instagram feed on your ecommerce store: more visibility and social proof.
Cost: 14-day trial available. Free plan available, with paid plans at $5-$7/month

Advanced Instagram search engine, helping users find images and videos using multiple hashtags.
Cost: FREE

In the article, in addition to the info above, you’ll find pros and cons for each tool, as well as screenshots for each.

Choose 4-5 tools to test, and start using them. You’ll see a positive impact almost immediately.


[40] Instagram Marketing Tools To Grow Your Store Fast