There’s no one right way to design and optimize a landing page. However, there are tools and methodologies we can stick to and test to boost conversion rates.

Below you will find examples of where these have been used in 40 landing page inspiration examples — because it’s one thing to talk about it and another thing to show you how it’s done successfully.

I’ll list all 41 inspirations and include a few images to illustrate them.

If you want much more, go to the full article for detailed descriptions and visual examples of each inspiration.

1) Keep It Simple

Typically, a landing page will only need 4 core elements above the fold:

  • Hero image(s) that clearly communicate the product or services being provided
  • Headline/subhead that communicates UVP (Unique Value Proposition) clearly
  • CTA (Call-to-Action) that contains the core offer the visitor will expect to receive once filling out the form
  • Logo where the visitor can click to go to the website homepage, and that also communicates the brand of the page the visitor has landed on


2) Use Color Wisely (Make Your CTA Button Stand Out)

3) Communicate Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

If your customers have no idea what the UVP is after 5 seconds, you’re probably doing something wrong.


4) Get Visual with Your Copywriting Descriptions

5) Add Social Proof to Boost Credibility

6) Place Iconography Over Text Whenever Possible


7) High Quality Images (No Pixelated Photos…)

8) Choose the Right Font


9) Include Relevant Qualifying Questions in Your Form

10) Choose CTA Button Copy Wisely


11) Match Visitor Intent

12) CRAP – Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity

13) Include Pricing Whenever Necessary (If Not Sure, A/B Test It)

14) Give a Sense of Urgency/Scarcity

15) Make Sure Your Landing Page is Mobile Optimized


16) Use the Breadcrumb Technique

17) Build an Interactive Landing Page


18) Remember the Decoy Effect

19) Compare with Competitor’s Page

20) Gate Content

21) Give Special Attention to Your Hero Image

22) Offer Ebooks/Whitepapers to Grab Cold Traffic’s Attention

23) Add Videos

24) Give Your Page a Personal Vibe with Staff Summaries

25) Don’t Forget Your Thank You Pages

26) Add Bottom of the Page CTA Sections

27) Stick to Your Brand

28) For Mobile Apps, Consider Variations of Landing Page

29) For E-Commerce, Consider Variations of Landing Page

30) For Lead-Gen, Consider Variations of Landing Page

31) Consider a Call-Focused Landing Page If Targeting Mobile

32) Give Your Page Personality

33) Try Out Animations

34) Don’t Forget Creative Footers

35) Review Ease of Use (Wise UX Design)

36) Add Illustrations

37) Set Up 1 Step vs. 2 Step Forms for Testing

38) Use Chatbots to Make Converting a Conversation

39) Include Features of a Product

40) Add Quantitative Testimonials

Showing numbers from successful customers is a great way to increase social proof and push the needle for conversions.

This is how it looks on my page:


41) Add Qualitative Testimonials

Testimonials should include:

• Star ratings (if possible)

• Company logos (especially if it is a large brand)

• Name and position held as long as it is relevant

• Photo of the reviewer

Or you can at least include the logos of the companies you’ve worked with. This is how it looks on my website:

qualitativeI should probably include some testimonials too, and make it more personal.


You should have plenty of inspiration and examples now. Go build it. And then test it. Good luck!

41 Landing Page Inspiration Examples To Escalate Better Conversion Rates

PS. It’s all about the landing pages today, so here’s another landing for you: 🛬