Love them or hate them, popups work. They work very well.

And if done right, everyone is happy. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out the “right.”

To help you with that, this article should take you in the right direction.

It will not tell you *what* to include in the pop-up. You should know that better. It’s your product and your audience. But it will give you ideas *how* to show, style, and optimize the pop-ups so that they perform the best. For you and your customers.

These five popup A/B tests that can make a difference in your future and existing campaigns. (One of the companies described almost tripled the number of emails they collected with a simple test.)

Plus, you will also get an explanation why each test worked so well, and it will show you how to use them to improve the performance of your popups. Of course, what works for others doesn’t have to work for everyone. Always keep that in mind. But these examples present a set of interesting hypotheses to test.

Tests included in the article:

Test #1: Delaying the Popup
Test #2: Shortening the Popup Copy
Test #3: Writing a Bolder Headline
Test #4: Matching Display Time to Engagement
Test #5: Adding Mystery to the Offer

An example from test #1, delaying the popup.

Don’t want to annoy your customers? Want to make sure to engage them when they are ready for it, instead of in the first 5 seconds, when the natural instinct of every visitor is to click ❎ on anything that prevents them from seeing what they came for?

Delay when you show the popup.

Here’s a breakdown of such test’s performance:

You’ll find more examples and descriptions in the article.

Happy popping!


5 Real-Life Popup A/B Tests That Will Help Boost Your Conversion Rate (Based on Actual Case Studies)