Is $5000 a lot to charge – or to pay – for a sales page?

Joanna Wiebe from CopyHackers decided to ask a few top marketers. Here’s what they revealed.


But the numbers themselves are not that interesting. The reasoning behind the answers was much more revealing.

In a nutshell: it’s all about trust.

With copywriting, if you don’t know the copywriter or you haven’t worked with them in the past, trust is gained by proof.

Quick note. This is not in the article but this is something I have found works, time and again, and it has never failed me:


Does your stuff work? Prove it. Show the results.

Do you know what you are doing? Prove it, show who you have worked with.

Will your stuff make me more money than it costs? Show as many numbers as you can. Especially for something that’s going to cost me $5k.

Add tons of proof → Reduce the risk as much as possible.

And the one person who said $5k is not enough?

Here’s his response:

“If someone told me their salespage would cost $5000, I’d assume it would actually cause damage to the brand and not generate any tangible revenue. It’s going to hurt more than it helps.”


The reality is that a long-form sales page is a one-page funnel. Imagine optimizing your funnel for just $5000. If someone quoted you $5000 to optimize your funnel, you’d have the same reaction Lars had: it’s not gonna work. Yet somehow a long-form sales page – which moves prospects from TOFU (top of the funnel) through MOFU (middle) to BOFU (bottom of the funnel) – isn’t obviously worth AT LEAST $5000 to many people hiring freelance copywriters. Perhaps not enough proof and trust.

There are many more insights and comments in the article. Well worth a read.

Of all the takeaways, here’s perhaps the most interesting one:

The people who were most enthusiastic about spending $5000 on a sales page had this in common: they’d written long-form sales pages before. They know how hard it is to write a great sales page. And they know how well a well-done sales page can perform.


Is $5000 a lot to charge for a sales page? Here’s what people said.