Below you will find the list of words that are proven to convert, along with a few examples.

Use it wisely. Think about these words and ways you might be able to use them on your site given A) what you already know about your target audience and B) what your overarching business goals are. Build a hypothesis and put these words to the test.

Otherwise, you might end up with something like this:

Theoretically, the above call-to-action should get a zillion clicks because it includes the five most persuasive words in the English language: “you,” “free,” “because,” “new,” and “instantly.” But you wouldn’t click on it, would you?

Copywriters and advertisers have been searching for and listing words that sell for decades. (David Ogilvy published his list of “words and phrases that work wonders” in 1963’s Confessions of an Advertising Man.)

Ogilvy was referring specifically to headline copy here.

I even have a book on my shelf titled “Words That Sell.”

Much of what’s been written revolves around psychological and persuasion principles that inform our motivations as humans, e.g., you’re motivated by a particular word because it triggers a particular chemical response in your brain.

I’m going to take things further here, to provide you with a list of words framed by actionable testing ideas. While these words can be a great place to start your conversion optimization efforts, keep in mind that the idea of magic-words-that-always-convert is a flat-out myth.

The Big 5

  • Use “Because” because it increases conversion rates
  • Make your copywriting personal by using “You”
  • “Free” is the most powerful word in marketing copywriting
  • Make your landing page copy exciting with the word “New”
  • Use the word “Instantly” for high conversion rates

You should test the Fab Five, but don’t take ‘em at their word. They can definitely help, but it all depends on the stage of awareness, expectations, your product, etc.

Action words to test on and near your call-to-action:

  • Get
  • Receive
  • Continue
  • Start

More action words (and 1 adverb) to test on and near your call-to-action:

  • Explore
  • Shop
  • Compare
  • Go
  • Add
  • Try
  • Try it now
  • Try it free
  • Please

Test words that communicate value

  • Included
  • With
  • Quality
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • You might also like

If your users have Anxiety issues, test:

  • Featured in
  • Secure
  • Privacy
  • Trusted
  • Verified
  • Expert
  • One-on-one
  • Specialist
  • Talk to
  • Guaranteed
  • 24/7
  • Live chat

If your users are sensitive to urgency, test:

  • Limited
  • In stock
  • Hurry
  • Today
  • Before it’s too late
  • While supplies last

If your users are sensitive to social proof, test:

  • Join
  • Join [X] Americans
  • Together
  • Become a member
  • Exclusive
  • Most popular
  • Recommended
  • Best selling

Test words of encouragement

  • Easy
  • [X] Easy Steps
  • Instant
  • Quick

Test words your users use

What you like has nothing to do with what your prospect likes. The words you use to describe your business, service, or product are probably not the words your prospect uses.

Learn how people describe your product or service and try using their exact words, regardless if you like it or not. They know better.


These words are not magical. But they can be. If you have something good and you want it to be more effective, try reframing your copy with a few of the words above. It should work better.

Just don’t expect something that doesn’t work turn into a selling machine just by adding “Easy,” “Free,” or “Join.”

For many more examples, explanations why each word works, and multiple case studies with real results, see the full article 👇

59 words and phrases that convert (and how to use ’em)

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