B2B clients need nurturing as they go through the sales funnel. Content marketing is doing its job at the beginning of the funnel. The sales department is involved towards the end of it. Email marketing has an important role in between.

1. Target Using an Account-Based Marketing Approach

Don’t just blast emails. At least segment the list.

2. Optimize Emails for Mobile

68% of emails are opened on mobile.
So, short paragraphs.
Lead with the most important info.
Make links big enough to tap easily.

3. Engage With Trigger-Based Campaigns

Welcome email, thank you email, reminder or discount code. It depends on your triggers. Identify the important ones and engage just as they happen.

4. Personalize Communications

Note: the article mentions sending messages on people’s birthdays. DON’T. You will just annoy them and make them think twice about trusting you with their information.

But you definitely can send “anniversary”-based emails. A month or a year after signing up, or something similar. It doesn’t invade their privacy, and if presented lightly, it should be effective.

5. Customize Dynamic Content

The more data you have, the more dynamic your content can be. Customized sections of an email with content based on previous actions or past purchases.

6. Make Emails Interactive

A substitute for a web page. Once the email is opened, recipients can perform tasks right from the email itself: filling out forms, responding to quizzes, rating content, and providing feedback.

This can be effective, but it also depends on where and how your emails are read. Make sure everything works well in all the major email clients (mobile and desktop).

6 Email Marketing Tips for the B2B Marketer