When testing, it’s best to test one change at a time. This way you know what caused the change and by how much.

However, if you are rather confident in the changes you want to make, you can test numerous improvements for a single page and measure their cumulative effects.

This is also the best way forward when you don’t have enough traffic to run multiple tests.

Today I have for you an example of a pricing page test where seven changes have been introduced at once. It resulted in 28% improvement in sales.

The test ran on Examine.com – a nutrition portal backed by heavily curated evidence-based research. Below you can see the original control (A) vs. the improved variation (B).


The seven changes introduced:


  1. Removed Ambiguous Photos. The control contained 3 photos related to each of the products. This added ambiguity and blurred the selection process between the 3 products. Is the first product for women? No. Is the last product for men in darker colored sweaters? No. And the defensive arm posture didn’t help either.
  2. Benefit-Lead Labels. Replaced the target audience labels (For Enthusiast, For Professionals, etc.) with clearer benefit statements.
  3. Detailed Supporting Numbers. Differentiating each product with a clear and distinct number of “things” that comes as part of it.
  4. Detailed Descriptions.
  5. Example Usage. Suggesting how the products might be used by customers.
  6. Bulleted Reassurances. Addressing any last minute objections before moving on to purchase. In this case, reminding customers about “Lifetime Updates” and “Educational Credits.”
  7. Consistent Money Back. Communicating that the money back guarantee applies to all the products.


If run separately, completing the tests may take months. More so, some of the changes are also related (establishing consistency and building upon each other) which might also lead to a greater effect (only manifesting itself when combining each of the separate changes).

Grouping the changes is one of many variables that you can decide when designing your experiments.

7 Pricing Screen Changes For +28% Sales On Examine.com


PS. The winning page could still be improved with at least a few more changes at once, but you don’t win if you don’t test. 28% increase in sales is a terrific result.