A few excerpts from The Remarketing Report – Q2 2018, based on averages across 500 leading global brands:

The average global cart abandonment rate for Q2 2018 was 75.4%

Cart abandonment rates are highest for travel sites (81.8%) and lowest for fashion retailers (71.5%)


Three Tactics to Boost Conversions With On-Site Personalization

In short, cart abandonments are very high. How can you improve this?


Progress Bars

Progress bars can be used in a number of ways. Often they are used to show customers how many checkout steps are left before they complete a purchase.


They can also be used to convey other information, such as how much more customers need to spend to qualify for extra benefits such as discounts or free shipping.


Contact Options

During the checkout process, shoppers can still have doubts about a purchase, and can require some further information and reassurance before buying.

By making it easy to get in touch, retailers can offer customers a helping hand at the point where they’re about to make a purchase.


Live Trends Data

Showing live trends data to shoppers provides them with useful information which can help them to come to a decision, and also adds an element of urgency which can speed up conversions.

For example, if there’s only one pair of shoes left in a customer’s size, then they need to buy quickly to avoid the risk of missing out.



Cart abandonment rate is extraordinarily high. Help lower it down by making the shopping process easier. For that, you can use progress bars, additional contact prompts, and live trends data.

[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q2 2018

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