Email receipts are usually one of the most often overlooked elements to optimize, or to work in your favor.

They are often treated as an afterthought, or something you set up once in your e-commerce platform and forget about it. It’s good if it at least has a company logo.

But receipts and other order-related emails have a 69% higher open rate than regular email marketing campaigns. Take advantage of it.

A receipt is the perfect opportunity to sprinkle a touch of your brand’s personality through great copy and imagery, to help drive future engagement, and even to procure another purchase via product recommendations or a discount on their next purchase.

An example of a brand’s personality shining through:


Receipts Can Generate Revenue, Too!

Remember, there is never a better time for a sale than when your customer just purchased from you.

Just think… they’ve bought a banana. What would go great with that banana? An apple! Or even an orange! Or both! We’re going for the full fruit salad here.

Selling to engaged customers really works, and since you’ll probably have a few first time buyers, you’ll increase your CLV by encouraging a repeat purchase.

In fact, when providing automated product recommendations in receipts, we saw an increase of 50% revenue from receipts vs. receipts with no product recommendations. Not bad for an email you can pretty much just “set and forget”.

Etsy does this for their store order confirmations — here’s a nice example that they add at the bottom of their emails.


What’s in the article?

The full article has a lot of examples and images. If you want inspiration, definitely go and see all of them. Below I will include only a few interesting ones.

The most famous example of great order confirmation copy is this funny email from CD Baby — it really sets the bar high!

(I think it’s 20 years old now. And still relevant!)


This receipt has a personal touch, lots of information, a discount code for future purchases, an option to edit the order, and info on when it will be delivered. Great job!



When creating receipts we should always think about what comes next, because transactional emails get opens, and more opens = more click potential = more sales potential. So, get something they might like in front of their eyes and tempt them with a limited-time discount to encourage repeat buying.

Inject a dash of personality into what is traditionally a very dry email and tailor it to your brand.

You might also want to sprinkle your emails with some personalized dynamic images to give customers order updates inside the emails, or modernize your emails with banners and links you can update without having to touch your email code.

Creating Awesome Email Receipts

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