Don’t you hate it when you get emails starting with “Dear Radek”? (With your name instead of Radek, of course).

I know I do.

Even worse, when the software screws up and it’s “Dear <<VarName>>” or something similar.

They could invent a treatment for cancer, but I would never know because as soon as I see that, it’s insta-delete.

Once I’ve got a “Dear FirstName” email from a company offering a personalization software! Isn’t it ironic…

Note: Including full name in the email’s subject (“Dear Radek Sienkiewicz”) is more effective than just the first name.

I can’t remember the exact figures now and I can’t find the research behind it but it’s something like 50%+ or so better open rate. Probably because this way you don’t pretend to be friendly, you are professional instead.


Source: Marketoonist

If you want to do personalization, do it so that it’s not even noticeable, yet effective.

Customize the message based on the segment, customize how you present the offer, what offer is highlighted, what tone you use etc.

This way you’re getting the feeling of “They get me!” message from your readers, and they have no idea that they were part of your personalization.

Beats being called Vagina, doesn’t it?

PS. I never ask a name for GrowRevenue newsletter. I don’t want you to feel that false pretense of friendliness. Instead, I reply to each and every email and that builds a real connection.