Case studies are both great and misleading.

Great because you can learn a lot about what worked for different companies.

Misleading because you’re learning about what worked for other companies, and there’s absolutely no guarantee that it will work for you.

Nevertheless, if you keep in mind that almost nothing works 1:1 when you try to copy it, it’s still useful to learn about:

  • Different channels that you may have overlooked
  • Different ways of promoting your product
  • Different ways to go about scaling

If you read the case studies only as an inspiration and the first step in your thinking process, that’s fine. It’s only when you try copying different tactics that you can get in trouble.

With all that being said, there’s a nice repository of 40+ ecommerce case studies, for your inspiration. You can learn their growth strategies & tactics, and their journey’s to achieve scalable growth.

Here are only some of the companies covered:

  • HiSmile
  • alya skin
  • ZARA
  • Coconut Bowls
  • Happy Skin Co
  • Purple
  • Koala
  • Gymshark
  • Soylent
  • Allbirds
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • MVMT
  • Spanx
  • Casper
  • Frank Body
  • Warby Parker
  • Huckberry
  • Supreme
  • Nasty Gal
  • Bellroy
  • Bonobos
  • Everlane
  • Blue Apron
  • ASOS
  • … and many others.

Some of the case studies are really in-depth and cover all the aspects of the company’s marketing and even some opportunities where they could do better.

Top 40+ eCommerce Case Studies.

 Looking at the case studies, Instagram is responsible for like 2/3 of all beauty companies’ successes. But the remaining 1/3 and all the non-beauty companies are much more diverse and interesting to read.