I usually write you on Thursdays but tomorrow is Christmas and I’d imagine you have better (or more urgent) things to do on Christmas than reading a newsletter, even if it’s good 🙂 So this week the Grow Revenue issue goes out on Wednesday.


Which marketing channels are best to grow your business? (2020) [Right Percent]

How do you know which marketing channels are right for your business before you spend time and money testing them?

You never know 100% — but there’s a methodology to narrowing down your options. Just find out where your business is on the below chart:


Find which quadrant(s) your company fits in, and test those channels first.

The size of the bubbles is the rough scale of the channel, based on public data. It’s best to start in the biggest channel bubbles first, since they have the most potential to scale.

It’s roughly color-coded: orange/yellows are channels better for e-commerce, blueish channels are better for B2B, and green is good for either.

How To Properly Apply Jobs-To-Be-Done To User Onboarding [Growth.Design]

If you don’t know Growth Design, you have a lot of fun content to discover. They build Growth & UX case studies in a comic book format, based on real-world examples. It’s both entertaining and useful.

The latest one is a case study on how to apply jobs-to-be-done onboarding, focused mostly on Headspace: what they do right and how quickly in their onboarding process they go in a completely wrong direction.

A 4-step guide for day-to-day product discovery [Sophia Höfling]

Building successful digital products requires two things: building the right product, and building the product right.

The former is ‘product discovery’ and the latter is ‘product delivery’.

A 4-step guide to successful product discovery:

  • Step One: Outline your discovery toolbox
  • Step Two: Plan how every team member can contribute
  • Step Three: Consider how to continually involve customers
  • Step Four: Set your ways of working

The article has all the details about each step.

120+ Incredible Resources to Learn Enterprise Sales [Loxo]

Do you sell or want to sell to enterprises? Then you’ll definitely learn from this list of resources.

You might be just starting out, or looking to hone your skills in enterprise sales.

Selected from hundreds of articles, videos and podcasts, this is the (long!) shortlist of stuff you wish you had discovered sooner.


Everything is grouped and categorized nicely, with additional notes for each item. You’ll quickly be able to find what you need.

How to Grow a SaaS Company From $1m-$10m ARR – Experience From Mailshake & When I Work [Sujan Patel]

There were already two articles by Sujan: how to take a SaaS company from 0-$100k, how to take it from $100k-$1m, now it’s one step further – how to grow a SaaS company from $1m to $10m ARR, based on companies Sujan’s involved with.

Many interesting insights there. If you’re at that level, or close to it, you should read it.


Until next Thursday! (Or maybe Wednesday because Thursday will be an unfortunate day for a newsletter again: Dec 31st)

Radek Sienkiewicz

PS. Regarding Headspace, I used to love it. I used it daily for a very long time. Then Venture Capital money came and Headspace needed to grow, at any cost. Since then it slowly degraded into an unusable mess. From a simple meditation app, they’ve become… I don’t even know what. An experience engine? A publication? An exercise app? I eventually gave app and switched to a much simpler meditation app. Such a waste of a perfectly good app that I used to love.