Whether you’re a new business or have been in business for several years, getting more e-commerce sales is always a goal.

Below is the list of methods you could use to sell more.

You probably use many, or even most of them. Or at least you should.

But you could always do better.

Here’s the list. Each number is a tactic described in the article. Each comment below the tactic is mine, based on my own experience.

1. Target your existing customers

Rather than trying to find new customers, focus your marketing efforts on your existing customer base. This is so often overlooked, even by those who understand the concept.


Compared to new customers and customers who only made one purchase on your website, loyal customers:

– add more items to their shopping carts
– have a higher conversion rate
– generate more revenue each time they visit your site

So focus on ways to improve their experience, and on how to get them to the site more often (email sequences, loyalty programs).

2. Display icons that show your site is trustworthy

Make sure your website is secure, so customers feel comfortable entering their personal information as well as their credit card numbers.

Have an SSL so that the customers can be reassured by the small green icon next to the URL.
Use security badges (Norton, VeriSign, McAfee, BBB, etc.)

Which security badges are the most effective?


I’ve tested quite a few, and the results are similar to the ones in the chart above.

3. Use video demonstrations

Use video demonstrations to show customers how to use your products.
This was very well covered in an article a few days ago: “3 Ways to Use How-To Videos to Sell More.”

4. Use photos when you include customer testimonials

You should have testimonials. Non-negotiable. And if you want to improve them even more, add a photograph to them as well.

5. Recognize your customers want to shop from their mobile devices

Don’t forget about mobile users. At the very least, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices.
Simplify the process on mobile as much as possible. It’s where the customers are.

6. Offer more discounts

It can be effective, but I’d advise you to be careful with this. While it can give you a temporary boost now and then, with time, it could either cheapen your brand, or train your customers not to buy, and wait for the next sale, promo, or discount instead.

7. Showcase your top selling items

Promote your top selling items. Show them wherever you can.
First, you know they sell. Second, you make the decision to buy easier for the customer. People hate to make wrong decisions. By showing the most popular products, you’re letting them know “It’s the right decision to buy it. So many others bought it too.”

8. Ramp up promotions for the holidays

Offering lots of promotions and advertising during special times of the year, such as the holidays, can help you improve sales.
It may look similar to #6, but it’s not. Offering seasonal discounts is fine. You have a reason to run a sale. You don’t cheapen your brand. You don’t train the customers to wait for the next sale. If I’m going to buy something, I’m not waiting till the next Black Friday.

9. FOMO (fear of missing out)

Create a sense of urgency to entice customers to make an impulse buy. It always helps.
Just don’t overdo it. And be credible. Slapping “2 items left” on each product page won’t do it.

10. Accept different payment options

This could have a huge difference. I’ve seen it many times.
Offer Amazon payments, PayPal, Apple Pay, anything else that makes sense, in addition to the traditional payment methods. Look how people start using them.
This is something you won’t learn until you do it. Rarely will people tell you “I didn’t buy because there was no easy 1-click payment from Amazon.” They just leave after seeing an intimidating payment form, and you never hear from them again.

11. Focus on your value proposition

Come up with a unique and actionable value proposition. Test it. See what works better. Focus on value, on emotions, on the outcome. Tell customers how you’re different.


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