Let’s face it—conversions do not come easy for travel websites.

It’s an extremely competitive market. And the big boys play this game. Some of the biggest in the whole online space.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get burned, fast.

To make things even more challenging:

  • On an average, more than 95% traffic on travel websites leave without purchasing anything, almost on a whim
  • Consumers explore, on average, 38 websites to plan their getaways. 38!!!
  • Most of the time, the reasons behind it are lengthy marketing funnels, complex search parameters, complicated checkout processes, multiple forms, and massive personalization.

All these factors make travel e-commerce as one of the trickiest online businesses.

But you can always improve this figure by optimizing your funnel and analyzing user behavior so that more visitors turn into customers. A thorough understanding of visitor pain points and interest areas will help you improve customer experience.

The following infographic provides some tips that you can implement on your website to make more visitors convert, that is, complete the transaction.

Below the infographic, I’ve included a few of the takeaways I found the most interesting.

If you can’t see the image or if you want a full version, you can find it here.

Funnel Optimization to Boost Travel Website Booking



  • Simplify navigation
  • Make the mobile version clutter-free and intuitive
  • Use features available on mobile that you don’t have on desktop (GPS, click-to-call)
  • Top 3 reasons why people don’t end booking with you on mobile: slow load time, not optimized for mobile, complicated search and selection
  • Clear and powerful CTAs/buttons
  • On buttons, the text should be an action that users are expecting after clicking it
  • Cross-sell. It can make or break your profitability
  • Understand preferences from previous bookings and offer the most relevant deals
  • Don’t just offer options. Advise what’s best for them
  • Provide easy cancellation, even after booking
  • Utilize urgency and scarcity. But don’t create the fake ones.
  • Prominent contact details
  • Use intelligent forms. Yesterday’s article should help you with that

Boost Travel Website Booking With These 10 Practices

PS. So, where are you going next? Me? I’m heading to the Netherlands in a couple of weeks, for a few days. Luckily, I didn’t visit 38 websites to book it. I’m well below average. Does that mean I’m a savvy traveler? Or just the opposite? 🤔