What can you do you if everyone in your market is special, exceptional, one-of-a-kind, with an extraordinary, unique product or service?


You could be very simple and straightforward.

If you sell milk, call it “Milk”. You don’t have to reinvent it. If you sell a face cream, call it “Face Cream”. There’s no need to call it “Flawless Expression Ointment”.

Especially now, when products and services in each category grow into hundreds or even thousands, a fresh approach with describing exactly what you offer should be effective.

Like this newsletter, for example. It could be called “A Comprehensive Daily MBA Mini-Degree”. But it’s not.

There is only one goal for this newsletter. And it’s in the name: Grow Revenue.

So sell milk, sell cream, sell SEO, sell shoes, and have a great weekend!

Brand Identity

PS. The image had an additional brilliant footnote: “Legally-mandated information would be printed on the back or discreetly along the bottom. In small letter under the nutrition information it would say ‘Like our products? Visit our website!’ There would be no URL.