Trust is one of the most important factors when making a buying decision.

If web visitors are going to take your desired conversion action, they must feel good about your site first. Here are six things web marketers need to consider to create pages that inspire trust:


The full article (the link at the bottom) has longer descriptions and examples for each of the points listed above. I’ll include only a couple of them.

Allow users to filter reviews by customer type


Web visitors use product reviews as a shortcut to decision-making. According to PowerReviews, roughly 19 out of every 20 consumers check customer reviews, and about 17 of every 20 consider reviews a critical resource when making buying decisions.

When implementing product reviews, keep in mind that people have different needs, so different things will be relevant to them. For instance, a one-star rating given to a robotic vacuum because it performs poorly on hardwood will be relevant to those with the same floor type. The review might not matter as much to those with tile flooring.

Transactional assurances


Communicate your confidence in your products and services by showing your risk-reversal guarantees and policies.

Additionally, make sure you alleviate visitor anxiety by showing that you’re a safe site to transact with. Give visual emphasis to security symbols such as the Norton or Symantec logo and your SSL certificate.

Something as simple as labeling the checkout flow as “Secure Checkout” instead of just “Checkout” can also boost conversion rates on e-commerce sites. The same is true of adding a padlock icon on areas where visitors have to provide sensitive information.

You can also show logos of companies you use for shipping to assure customers that they’ll receive their orders.


Trust elements need to be given visual prominence and need to be present throughout the sales funnel – they do not belong in the footer of the page. Your site’s trust signals might as well not exist if users have to scroll a few screens down to see them.

Keep in mind that no matter how big you make the “Buy Now” button, if people don’t feel good about your site, they’re not going to take your conversion action. So, ensure that the site …

  • has a professional look and feel
  • has numbers that communicate credibility
  • leverages social proof
  • borrows authority from established brands
  • shows that it’s safe to transact with
  • sets users’ expectations

If you take the time to make the visitor trust you, you’ll be in a much better position to get them to convert.

Making Web Visitors Feel Good: 6 Things to Consider to Build Trust Online

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