Customer journey consists of 5 stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

And your offer should reflect that. If you blast the same offer to everyone, regardless of where they are in their customer journey, you’ll be burning the majority of your budget (and customer goodwill).


Source: Marketoonist

Below is a small cheatsheet of which channels could be used at which stage.


Source: QuickSprout

Regardless of the channel, try to consider the thoughts, feelings, and emotions your customers may have throughout their personal journeys, and then give them something relevant to those thoughts, feelings, or emotions.

It could be an offer, a promo, a discount, or even a personal email, a thumbs up, or a funny email. It doesn’t have to be selling each and every time.

Understanding how your customers feel throughout each phase will help you improve conversion rates and retention rates.

Ultimately, this will help you to enhance the overall customer experience and increase sales.