Online stores let customers buy goods right from their home, and they deliver the product to their home with reasonable delivery costs. But besides this, there are other factors too due to which e-commerce industry is booming.

1. Augmented Reality

The technology helps check all the aspects of the product they customers going to buy. How does the AR help users to buy the right product? Let’s take an example. You are going to buying furniture for your home. With the help of AR technology, you can test it by placing it virtually in different areas of your home. If the furniture does not match to your home decor, you do not but it. Hence, the AR reduces the product replacement issue.

Let’s take another example, in which you want to buy clothes. The offline shopping, in this case, is a right way. But it wastes your lots of time. AR drops this problem. While shopping online, AR provides customers with a facility of virtual clothes dressing rooms. In these virtual dressing rooms, customers can try various clothes and buy the one which best matches your style.


2. Automation

An e-commerce solutions industry offers 24×7 shopping facility to its users. Therefore, it requires the 24×7 availability of the staff. Users can visit the online store anytime to make a purchase. If they face any issue regarding the product description, they want its immediate solution. They can ask their queries by chatting on the e-commerce platform. It is not possible for humans to reply to the questions of a lot of users quickly. The chatbot is a solution to this problem. Chatbots reply to the users’ queries immediately. It increases the users’ experience.


3. Voice Search

According to research, about 40% of customers use voice search before making an online purchase.

4. Image Search

Consider a situation of offline shopping in which you see a product, but you are unable to buy it because it is out of your budget. In such a case, you look for the same product in other shops. In the online market, it is called an image search. You can select the image of a product which you want to buy. By using the image search feature, you will be able to find the same product at varying rates.

Pinterest, for example, is using this feature. On Pinterest, users find the related pins by using the image search. For this, you have to zoom in an image on Pinterest.

Today, there are a few brands that have executed the image search feature. It is estimated that the image search will make up about 50% of all the searches by the year 2020.


The e-commerce industry is gaining popularity. There are many reasons for this. Many trends affect the e-commerce industry. The AR in e-commerce provides the users with a facility to shop from virtual stores. On the other hand, IoT has made it possible to track the location of a product. Besides, the image and voice search feature provides more flexible search features.

Conclusion: e-commerce is only going to grow, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

PS. I have Amazon’s Alexa but I rarely use it. And never for shopping. Guess this makes me behind the times? 🤷‍♂️