Do you have anything to do with e-commerce? Then this will be interesting for you.


In the report, they attempt to provide solutions to overcome the e-commerce challenges.
They have included responses collected from 1,000 online shoppers about their online buying habits and their experiences with the current eCommerce enterprises.

The sample size is not large, but it can provide useful data nonetheless. Even if the numbers are not 100% accurate, the trends should be.

There’s a lot of different aspects discussed in the report:

– Demographics
– Omnichannel
– Buying outside of your country (57% bought at least once)
– Personalization
– Mobile optimization
– Reviews (and how important they are)
– Checkout process (top reason for abandoning a purchase? unexpected shipping charges.)
– Deliveries

For example, one of the interesting facts from the “Omnichannel” segment:

28% browse online, shop offline.
23% browse offline, shop online.

This means that more than half of people combine their offline and online experience, influencing both ways.

There’s more good stuff in the report. You should check it out if you have anything to do with e-commerce.

Some of the content in a more or less obvious way speaks about the benefits and features of their tool, but there’s enough good content for the report to be worth it.

eCommerce Consumer Survey Report 2017