Spend $1 million in less than 30 days to generate a minimum of $4 million in sales?!

That was the challenge given to the team at PupSocks, a brand selling pet-themed socks that was currently spending only $500 per day on Facebook but wanted to make millions over the holiday season.

And that’s what today’s article is about.

$1 million spent on Facebook ads. $4 million generated revenue.

It’s a long and detailed one. Here’s the table of contents and a trailer of sorts:

Step #1: Build Your Million Dollar Facebook Ad Campaign Foundation

Step #2: Find Your 4X ROI Ad Creative

Step #3: Create New Audiences For Your 4X ROI Ad Creative

Step #4: Decide When To Kill Or Scale Your Ad Sets

Step #5: Duplicate Your Winning Ad Sets And Increase The Budget

Step #6: Get Advertiser Access To An Influencers Facebook Page

The results they were able to achieve?

  • Over the course of 45 days, the company sold 80,000 pairs of socks
  • Made a 4x return on ad spend on the first $1,000,000
  • Made a 3.8x return on ad spend on the full $1,500,000
  • The scaling program created more than 100 jobs in 3 states

When you browse Facebook and see some innocent-looking ads like the one below you usually don’t think that it could be generating millions. Well, maybe you should.


3 key takeaways to scale your next Facebook ad campaign

  • Plan Ahead. Scaling like this won’t happen without planning. Making sure you have your financial, technical, and creative ducks in a row is a must.
  • Start Broad, Narrow Down, Then Multiply. Give yourself as many potential winning ad/audience combinations as possible to start. Kill losers quickly to protect your budget, then duplicate and manual bid your winners.
  • Influence The Outcome. Finding additional pages/people that you can run your proven ad campaigns through is a powerful way to both validate your brand and create additional scale on social platforms.

If you are interested in running Facebook campaign of any kind, this is definitely for you.

Ecommerce Facebook Ads: $1,000,000 Ad Spend, 4X ROI (Hint: Puppies) – Sumo

PS. I’m planning to launch a Facebook campaign this week. This article already gave me a few ideas to try.