Counterintuitive lifetime value (LTV) data [Twitter]

📅 Highest repeat purchase rate is within 30 days of initial purchase


👟👟 the second purchase is most likely to be on the same SKU.

This is true across almost every industry.

Too often we try to move people from one purchase to the next when we should just sell them the same thing again.

145 Interesting no-code / low-code startups [Pietro Invernizzi]


A selection of interesting no-code and low-code startups, divided into 12 categories:

  • Website Builders & Enhancers
  • App Builders, Mobile-first
  • App Builders & Enhancers, Web-first
  • Internal Tools & Internal App Builders
  • Workflow Automation Tools
  • Data & Developer Productivity
  • Spreadsheets on Steroids
  • Numbers, Finance & Modelling
  • Payments & Transactions
  • Checkouts, Subscriptions, Memberships & Commerce
  • Low-code Analytics & Dashboards
  • Form Builders

If you’re more of a spreadsheet person, you can find the full list of 145 companies here.

Newsletters 101 [Best Twitter threads]

The best resources and threads about:

  • How to START a newsletter
  • How to GROW a newsletter
  • How to MONETIZE a newsletter

If you want to learn more about newsletters, including financial and conversion numbers, you’ll definitely find valuable stuff here.

10 Essential Skills for the Modern UI & UX Designer [UX Collective]

In the article:

  • How to space objects properly
  • How to pick the perfect color palette
  • How to create type scale guidelines for typography
  • How to craft a perfect case study
  • How to write effective UX copy
  • How to give design critique
  • How to create an unmoderated remote usability testing plan
  • How to design for development
  • How to make low fidelity wireframes
  • How to become a better designer every day

Logo Quiz [Fun]

Do you know the well-known logos well? It’s easy to assume that you do but when you’re presented with two variations of the same logo, with very subtle differences, it can be hard to decide which one is real:


Take a quiz with 10 such variations to see how good your memory is.


Until next Thursday!

Radek Sienkiewicz

PS. One of the Twitter threads about newsletters stated: “B+ content and A+ consistency is the winning formula for email newsletters. Most of the value comes from consistency, not content.” I can sleep better now. Even if you don’t like everything you read, at least you can be sure that you’ll read it on Thursday 😃