Does this sound familiar? You ask someone to do something, and nothing happens.

Whether it’s getting your younger brother to fetch you a can of coke, or getting your website visitors to part with their email address, there’s one thing you must have:

A strong call-to-action (CTA).

But how do you write a powerful CTA?

Part 1: How to Increase Sales with an Irresistible Call-to-Action

What’s the one thing you want visitors to do on your site?

Buy your product.

Here are four effective calls-to-action that will convince your visitors to buy from you.

Promote Popular Offers

We’re dependent on other people’s opinions and actions to inform us when we make decisions—especially when it comes to online shopping.

If a lot of people buy a specific product, it must be good, right?

But it all comes down to your CTA and how you position your products.


You don’t need to write a lot of text. Let the images and your CTA button do the work.

When you write copy for the CTA button, avoid using sentences and words that indicate a large commitment such as buy now, get it now, shop now, and so on.

Make the commitment as small as possible for your visitors so they’re more likely to click through. A few examples:

  • View Popular Products
  • Explore Popular Products
  • Find Your Favorites Now

Turn Abandoned Carts Into Profit

75.6% of people put items in their online shopping cart only to leave it without completing their purchase.

Many sites use discounts to get prospects to complete their purchase. And while there’s nothing wrong with using discounts as an incentive, you should be careful with it.

If you make a habit of offering discounts to abandoning shoppers, this can potentially result in people abandoning their carts on purpose because they expect a discount.

Instead, you should focus on the items in the cart and add scarcity to the incentive.


You don’t need to offer large savings or free stuff to use this tactic.

  • Are you sure you want to miss out on these exclusive items?
  • These items are selling out fast! Get them before they’re gone.
  • Don’t let other people snatch these treasures away from you. Get them now.

Part 2. How to Convert Targeted Visitors Into Quality Leads

Growing an email list isn’t as easy as it used to be. But there’s still a way to grow your email list with relevant leads, and it all comes down to how you position your offer.

Content Upgrades

Offering a piece of bonus content that has value for your audience, is a great way to build an enviable email list.

When you use content upgrades as your CTA to collect email addresses, you should always target visitors on a specific page where the content upgrade is relevant. This will enable you to segment your list based on the content upgrade they opted in for and send emails that are only relevant for this segment.

Competitions and Giveaways


The CTA in this campaign works because it focuses on the value of the prize:

24 bottles of top rated wine worth more than $770.

Make sure your competition is relevant to your product to increase the quality of your leads. It’s also a good idea to follow up by email with everyone who entered the competition to let them know the competition has ended and who won. (You can even include a CTA to buy the product at a special price for those who didn’t win).

Newsletter Value

If you want to use your newsletter as the only incentive, you just need to answer one question:

What do people get when they join your newsletter?

No one signs up for a newsletter. They sign up to get value.


First, an eye-catching image. You can’t miss it 🙂

And then, CTA is packed with value you can’t say no to:

“Be The Best-Dressed Guy In The Room.”

“The Style Essentials You Need.”

Part 3. How to Guide Your Visitors to Better and More Expensive Purchases

You don’t need a physical store to provide an exceptional and personal shopping experience.

Product Guides

Many e-commerce stores have a large range of products. But the problem with purchasing online is that prospects can’t try on the products as they can in a physical store.

This is a huge obstacle for many online shoppers so you should try to eliminate it.

You can do so by offering guides for specific product categories that will help prospects make the right decision, and give them the feeling of being in a store trying on the product.

Here are a few CTA examples for product guides:

  • (Clothing and shoes): Not sure which size to choose? Try the size guide here.
  • (Make-up): Wondering what color to go with? See our skin color guide here.
  • (Electronics): What TV size should you get? Get our recommendation here.

Make sure the CTA for your product guide is visible and that it’s easy for people to return to the item they were looking at when they’ve read your guide. Ideally, your product guides should always end with a recommendation for a specific product along with a link to buy it.


If your product allows it, you should create a quiz around your product and help visitors find the product that’s just right for them.



  • Find out What [blank] You Are
  • Find Your Perfect [your product here] Now
  • Discover Your New [your product here] Now

Always make sure your quiz is relevant to your product so you can sell at the end of the quiz. The result of your quiz should always include a product recommendation. Focus on curiosity when you write your CTA copy—and don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it.

Part 4. How to Connect with Visitors the Moment They Need It to Close Bigger Deals

Offer Custom Quotes

Some products take longer for prospects to buy, typically because they’re quite expensive—such as travels.

Using a campaign to offer custom quotes based on the prospect’s wishes is an effective strategy to close bigger deals.

When you invite potential buyers to get in touch, you can answer questions or handle any objections they might have that are preventing them from buying.


Whether you’re selling travels or tailored outfits for dogs, offering a custom quote will not only bring prospects closer to buying from you, it will also strengthen your relationship with them because you’re offering a personal shopping experience.

It’s important that you contact these leads quickly. (Preferably within an hour.)

Book Consultations

Sometimes, we need expert advice.

You’re the expert in your industry, and you can help prospects make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best products for them.


Start by asking a question like in the example, and then write one sentence about what visitors need to do next.

And this might come as a surprise, but don’t get too creative with your CTA button here.

Keep it simple and to the point.


Whether you’re writing a CTA for your newest products or trying to build relationships with existing customers there’s one thing your CTA must always include:


If you position your offer in a way that has value to your audience, your conversion rates will increase.

It can be difficult to find the CTA that your visitors respond best to, so test out different versions of your CTAs to find the one that works best for your site and audience.

How to Write an Irresistible Call-to-Action for Each Stage of Your Funnel

 An example of a simple CTA: “Like GrowRevenue on Facebook”. Nice and simple, isn’t it? 😉