Why do so many tech companies’ logos look the same? From Google and Airbnb to Spotify and Pinterest, these companies have gradually shifted their branding from idiosyncratic typefaces to remarkably similar sans-serif fonts.


It’s an interesting trend and the branding experts have interesting takes on why this is happening:

  • They’re looking for a really cohesive identity, a cohesive experience and look and feel. As they look at their UI for their apps, for their website, or their interface, they’re trying to simplify it. As you simplify, you move away from some of the quirkier and more unique logotypes that these companies originally launched with.
  • Impact and, most of all, clarity, have become keywords for all brands. All these bold and neutral logos are telling the consumer the same message: Our brand and our services are simple, straight-forward, and clear. And extremely readable.
  • This as a natural step for brands to take as they grow from scrappy startups into established brands. Your goals have shifted from making noise and standing out to being a trusted, dependable part of people’s everyday lives. That heartfelt personality and idiosyncrasy that defined you as you started out, and won over your early adopters, can be a limitation as you aim for broad appeal (and bigger revenue).
  • Before, logo designers would look for a ‘concept’ when designing a logo. That is obviously not needed anymore: The brand is the concept. Their logos may look similar, but what they offer is totally different and effective, and that’s what finally counts for the consumer. They are 100% recognizable.
  • We don’t need metaphors in UX like we did in the early days of popular tech, and because it just works faster and better on small-screen smartphones.



When you’re universally recognized, you don’t need your logo to tell the story. You need it to be readable and for it to look good on mobile, where readability and clarity is critical.

For new brands, it still makes sense to have the logo tell the story and explain the product, instill meaning and emotions.

Why Do Google, Airbnb, And Pinterest All Have Such Similar Logos?

 GrowRevenue has both the story (growing seed) and the readability (sans-serif font). Best of both worlds 😁