Growth isn’t a strategy. It’s a result.

You can’t just decide that your strategy is to grow. Especially dangerous if your strategy is to “grow at all costs”.

This might work, sometimes even to the tune of billions in valuation, for the Uber-type unicorns. But even then the value is on paper, not in the bank account.


Maybe growth can be hacked or engineered, but I have always been skeptical of that. Much like ‘get rich quick’, sustainable growth and value will not come from hacks and shortcuts.

It will come from the systems you set up.

The more systems that automate (or just lay down clear rules) different parts of your business, the higher the growth.

Too often businesses just do whatever they think should be done in the given situation. They’re running from one fire to the other, extinguishing them one by one. That’s not a strategy either. Well, it could be. But that’s merely a strategy for survival, not for growth.

So either you work in your business and run around with the fire extinguisher, or you work on your business and build systems into the backbone of everything you do.

Which one are you?