How to convert Facebook traffic at 10%? Simplicity and focus.

Research or experimentation? It’s a silly question. There’s no either/or. It’s how you use it in combination. team has more to say on the subject.

High-converting welcome email flows for non-buyers.

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Analysis of a landing page that converts at 10% for Facebook traffic [Twitter thread]

This social landing page converted at 10% for Beardbrand (beard products).


  • It’s focused on action. No intro, no excess images, no distractions. Do you want this offer or not? That’s it.
  • It gives choices, but not too many. Two products & free shipping or one product and pay for shipping.
  • “Add to cart” goes straight to checkout, automatically applies the discount (Shopify permalinks are helpful here)
  • Give social proof, but not too much. A few reviews are enough. Give the option to see more.
  • Guarantee the purchase. Remove the risk. Especially important for first-time buyers.
  • To sum up: Less decisions points / Less distractions / More sales.

Multiplication instead of division [booking.product]

An article from team about how research and experimentation is not a case of research VERSUS experimentation but rather research TIMES experimentation.

A description of the process at and some specific examples of how research insights resulted in winning experiments.



Growing revenue without paid ads with email welcome flows for non-buyers [Twitter thread]

The fastest way to grow revenue for your brand WITHOUT paid ads is to set up a welcome flow for non-buyers.

First, you need to set up subscription forms on your website so you can capture emails. 3 types of forms: 1) Pop ups, 2) Fly outs, 3) Embedded forms.

How to set up pop up behavior (conditions you can use to trigger the form to appear): 1) When visitor is exiting, 2) After 4-6 secs of page load, 3) After scrolling 30%.

Welcome Email #1

Content to focus on:

  • Welcome
  • Brand Introduction
  • Thank You
  • Discount code if applicable

Subject line ideas:

  • Welcome!
  • Welcome (more info inside!)
  • Welcome to [INSERT BRAND NAME]
  • You’re part of the family now
  • Fantastic. You are in!

When to send: Immediately after someone subscribes to your list

Aim to hit 30-50% open rates.

Welcome Email #2

Content to focus on:

  • Brand Story
  • Unique Quality Standards
  • Benefits of Shopping with Your Company

Subject line ideas:

  • You heard it here first
  • Learn more about us
  • Here’s our story
  • Level up your [INSERT WORD] game… (eg Level up your Yoga game)

When to send: 1-2 days after email #1. Test time delay for optimization. Only send if people don’t convert from email #1.

Aim to hit 20-40% open rates.

Welcome Email  #3

Content to focus on:

  • Social Proof (customer reviews, press, celebrity/brand endorsements, retail footprint)
  • Show Popular Products

Subject line ideas:

  • Our customers say it best
  • Have you treated yourself lately?
  • The Love is Real
  • Word on the street

When to send: 2-3 days after email #2. Test time delay for optimization. Only send if people don’t convert from the prior 2 emails.

Aim to hit 20-35% open rates.

Welcome Email #4

Content to focus on: Focus on the community aspect

Subject line ideas:

  • We’re All in this Together
  • Let’s Get Social
  • Let’s Be Friends
  • We’re All Here for You
  • Meet our Team

When to send : 3-4 days after email #3. Test time delay for optimization. Only send if people don’t convert from the prior 3 emails.

Aim to hit 20-30% open rates.

Lots of examples of specific emails in the full thread.

Abandoned cart ideas

People don’t just “forget to complete their purchases”. That never happens. There are always other reasons. It’s not their memory.

Here are ideas that are better than “Did you forget?”:

  • Only 8 of this item left → urgency
  • 3 unique ways to use it → utility
  • Pics of customers wearing it →  social proof
  • Offer free shipping, tote bag, or bonus if the cart value hits a certain threshold
  • Here’s a 10% off coupon. This link expires today! ​​→ Be careful not to train buyers to always wait for coupons or discounts. Use sparingly and on very select user segments. Preferably only as a last resort.

Ideas sourced from this thread.


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Radek Sienkiewicz

PS. For a super effective combo, combine an effective landing page (first article), with a good email welcome flow for non-buyers (third article), and then send great abandoned cart emails for the last few who still didn’t buy (last email). Profit! 🌴🥥