Here are some of the central questions of our time:

– Will the United States bail on every international treaty to which it has previously signed?

– Will Nicolas Cage have a late-career resurgence?

– How often should I post on social media?

Posting once on social media every day will get you some engagement, shares, and traffic.


But wouldn’t scheduling two social media messages a day get you even bigger results? What about three?

And if you shared more messages every day to every social network, wouldn’t that also get you even more results?

As it turns out, several studies have sought to answer that exact question, all with varying data.

The article compiles the best of the best for you, so you no longer have to think about how often to post on social media while still getting all of the benefits of increased awareness, engagement, shares, and traffic.

Here’s the most data, in a nutshell. In this case, a nutshell is an infographic.


If you can’t see it clearly, click on the image to open the full version. Or follow this link.

In addition to the infographic, the article lists detailed guidelines for each social media platform.

Here’s an example for Facebook:

How Often Should A Business Post On Facebook?


High: 2 posts per day
Low: 1 post per day
Recommended: 1 post per day

Factor in the best times to post on Facebook:

Post #1: 1–4 p.m.

Factor in curation:

Curate or reshare a post every other day

Now choose one platform to focus on and apply what you’ve learned.

If it works, stick to it, start scaling, and at the same time focus on the second platform.

If it doesn’t, stop it and try another one. Until you find the one that works for you.



How Often To Post On Social Media? [Proven Research From 14 Studies]


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