Today I have a very detailed and in-depth article about how to make your emails efficient.

Step-by-step descriptions of the setup, all the emails revealed, and everything explained. If you want specific examples and want to see how a good, sophisticated, automated flow of emails looks like, then this is for you.

Sleeknote is a SaaS company, so this is written from their perspective. But everything in the article applies to practically any industry. It’s the process that counts.

When they (Sleeknote) first started with automated email onboarding workflow, their click-through rates were hovering around 1%. Well, not good.

After they have implemented precisely what they write about in the article, the results were like this:

* Open rates went from 26.6% to an average of 40.54%…
* Click-through rates went from 1.2% to an average of 15.76% — with one onboarding email sequence having an open rate of 87.5% and a click-through rate of 29.27%

The most important part of our new strategy was using email segmentation. It’s what many speak about, but few take time to think it through, research, and implement.

If your onboarding emails aren’t converting, it’s likely due to the following:

1. They don’t consider the buyer’s journey
2. They’re too generic
3. They overly focus on features (rather than benefits)
4. They Lack personalization

However, few marketers understand the concept of personalization and how it’s done right.

Many think it’s enough to include the recipient’s name in the email or the subject line.


Personalization is about sending the right emails, at the right time, to the right person.

This means you have to segment your audience and send trigger based emails depending on what, how, and when prospects have engaged with your content, product, or emails.

Three steps that took Sleeknote from just-a-tiny-bit-above-pathetic to outstanding:

Step 1: Define Your Audience Segments
Step 2: Get Your Subscribers to Segment Themselves
Step 3: Create Relevant Emails and Convert Subscribers Into Customers

All three steps are explained with examples, screenshots, email copy, everything. If you do anything with emails, this should be a must-read for you.

How We Increased Engagement for Our Onboarding Emails by 1213.3%