You can play it safe and work on incrementally improving what you have.

Or, from time to time, you can take a calculated risk and swing for the fences. With a greater risk comes greater reward.

Usually, businesses want innovation and great rewards, with no risk.


Source: Marketoonist

If you don’t take the risk, you can improve but only to a certain point.

With small, incremental steps, you can go from “Current” to “Optimized at Local Maxima” 👇


With minor improvements you would be your most effective self in your nearest area (around the local maxima).

But any next step at the local summit would be down. You can’t get to the global maxima without taking a risk, without taking a few steps down before starting back up again.

Try something radical next time. You may learn a painful lesson or two but without it you’ll be stuck.

See you at the higher peak.