When selling anything online people almost always prefer to buy from people and companies that they trust.

In fact, many times people are willing to pay more to buy from websites they trust. It’s one of those key components that can boost your online conversion rate in multiples if done right so you need to instantly establish credibility online.

Examples below are from the health field, mostly dietary supplements. The health field, especially natural health supplements, can be a pretty tough field to sell products directly online. It’s one of the hardest industries in terms of establishing trust, partly due to the fair share of claims that cross the line, and downright misinformation that often happens.

It’s tough to be a legitimate business with a good product in a health industry. But if some things are effective there, there’s a great chance it will also work for other industries.

Here are a few ways that you might be able to establish credibility in your specific industry…

Be Completely Transparent With Your Audience

Putting it all out there may show some vulnerability, but it also conveys honesty.

Reveal the ingredients that are in your products by showing the full supplement facts label. Don’t hide behind a “proprietary blend”.


Also, let them know where those ingredients are sourced from. What’s the potency, purity, and integrity of the ingredients?

Where are your ingredients sourced from? Where is your dietary supplement manufactured and bottled? Was it made in a GMP facility? What is your return policy? And provide the top-notch FAQ section.

Make Reasonable Claims and Back Them Up With Proof

Some holistic herbs and supplements claim that they can solve every problem under the sun in one little pill – from helping you to lose weight to providing a cure for cancer. (Even though the word “cure” is not allowed by the FDA.)

We all know it’s probably not likely that one pill can solve all these problems. Even if it’s true, trust breakdown with multiple claims or condition solutions. It’s better to focus on the power of one. One story, one problem, one solution. So don’t make broad outrageous claims. And when you do make claims, be sure that you are backing them up with proof.

If you really concentrate your focus on the things your product can do and go into great detail with facts that support that – then it’s more likely that you’ll be believed.

Be Vulnerable

You need to make sure that you tell them everything.

If there’s something that your product or service can’t do, say it. Don’t be afraid or too proud to admit it. By honestly admitting that you can’t do a particular thing – your visitors will now believe you when you say that you can do other things really well.

Don’t Unintentionally Plant Seeds Of Doubt

Websites try to establish trust by making statements such as “No gimmicks” or “Those other products are scams. We can be trusted.”

While you may actually be very trustworthy, you’ve just reminded your visitors that some of these products are a complete hoax. Possibly even a sugar placebo.

When they see words like “gimmick” or “scam” red flags may start to go up. Those thoughts might not have been in their minds in the first place. But since you’ve now put them out their boldly in print… now they are.

Social Proof

Consumers are still looking for the social proof of a third party to help convince them that your products and services are the right choices.

Add testimonials and reviews.

Another way to add social proof is by adding social media count boxes. The boxes that display the number of people that have liked you. Those can’t be faked.

LinkedIn testimonials also can’t be faked. Members are the ones who write the actual recommendation and they are then displayed on your profile.

And if you can get an expert endorsement. You’re golden.

Share Details About Yourself

Make sure you are providing an About Us page where you can highlight your team and their credentials.

There are always going to be a percentage of your audience that wants to know more about the people behind your business before they move forward with a transaction.

Many people are clicking on About Us links to find out more. If it’s there, of course.


Make sure your website’s address looks like this in the address bar.


Not like this.


If you sell anything online, it’s a must.


We only buy a second time from those we trust.

Gaining trust and establishing credibility is an all-encompassing task. A task that’s going to pay off in the end.

So make sure you’re providing all the information you can to help your visitors make an informed decision. Don’t make outrageous claims. And when you do make claims, try to back them up with proof.

Don’t scare visitors away by unintentionally planting seeds of doubt. And don’t forget to include standard trust indicators such as real-world data and security seals and security indicators.

Instantly Establish Credibility Online

PS. Testimonials and reviews always help. I’ve never seen them not work. The only way to not make it work is to choose wrong testimonials, outside of your target market. In such case, just test different ones, until you find the most effective personas.