Time for a weekly guessing game.

Can you guess which version of a page was more effective?

Version A: Small search bar on the right side of the top header
Version B: Larger search bar – doubled in size – on the right side of the top header

Version A:search-bar-version-a

Version B:
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Winning version:

Version B

With thousands of products offered on Natchez’s site, the team suspected pushing visitors to use the site search — by doubling the size of the search bar — would help shoppers find specific products more quickly and easily, leading to higher purchases.


The larger search bar – which was double the size of the original – had an incredible impact all the way down the funnel, increasing revenue 7.5%, at 99% confidence.

So there you have it, a scientific proof that size does matter.

Is a bigger search bar really better?

My bet was on the large one. Although the site’s look and layout is far from optimal, the larger version seemed to be more prominent and should lead to more searches. From my experience, if people use the search option, they are much more likely to buy.