Leadpages, one of the leading landing page builders, hosted the first annual Leadpages Awards.

They received more than 500 submissions from all over the world. Their panel of digital marketing experts carefully reviewed each one and ultimately chose five winners. The experts also offered a tip or two on how to make them even better.

This article should serve you as an inspiration. Have a look what others have done and if you something you like, test it on your own site and see it works for you too.

I’ll include a full review of one landing page, and the links to the rest of them. If you’re interested in a deeper analysis for each page, check out the link at the bottom.

‘Get Hired Masterplan’ Sales Page


See the landing page here

What LeadPages loved about this page:

Distinct & consistent branding.

Alternating between peach and pink tones, Irina beautifully delineates between her content sections while staying consistent to her brand’s visual identity: from her section backgrounds to her PDF mock-ups. She also beautifully incorporates jpeg images to add additional styling to her page, allowing her to display a wealth of content in a way that’s not visually overwhelming.


Crystal clear offer accompanied by clear visuals.

Because information-based digital products, like a masterclass, are somewhat intangible, it can be hard to illustrate their value. Irina’s page does an excellent job of describing in both words and images exactly what is contained within each module of her course and listing out the deliverables in an easy-to-read list. She even denotes which elements are ‘standard’ and which are ‘bonuses’ and by doing so, communicates how she’ll over-deliver to her customers.

Engaging copywriting and a persuasive argument.

Irina’s writing is emotionally evocative, crafted for the web (with short-form paragraphs and bulleted lists that offer numerous entry points), and infused with a casual tone that would resonate with her target audience.

What would make it even better:


Include a variety of testimonial formats.

Irina has chosen to include 3 video-based testimonials within her section ‘What Get Hired students are saying…’ While these video interviews are powerfully compelling, they also demand more engagement from the site visitors in order to extract the message. We’d recommend including a variety of testimonial formats—such as pull-0ut quotes with profile images—so that the ‘drive-by-readers’ can’t help but pick up a little social proof along the way.

The rest of the winning landing pages

‘Maze Digital Free Consultation’ Sales Page


See Jonathan’s page here

‘IB Bootcamp’ Sales Page


See the Affine Team’s winning page here

‘Asian-Inspired Whole30 Cookbook’ Lead Generation Landing asian-inspired-cookbook

See the whole page here

‘The Young Writer’s Workshop’ Sales Page


See Brett’s winning page here


Judging landing pages based on just their attractiveness (and a little bit on effectiveness too) is like judging chess players based on their looks.

The winning pages were not just good looking but also had the elements which were meant to sell.

So have a look, see if anything inspires you, and modify it to your needs. See if it works.

[Winners Revealed] Top 5 Best Landing Pages of the 2018 Leadpages Awards

PS. If you don’t have any kind of story on your landing page, it usually won’t work. Unless you’re selling a commodity. So start with the story and add eye candy on top.