☑️ Are you looking to improve your mobile conversion rates?

☑️ Do you want inspiration on what to test?

☑️ Do you want data to go along with the inspiration, so that you don’t just test blindly?

You’re in luck. There’s a (relatively unknown) resource for you and it ticks all the boxes above.

It’s called The Mobile Optimization Initiative.

What is it exactly? Here’s how they describe themselves:

“The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative is a collaboration and experimentation platform supported by Magento, PayPal and HiConversion designed to understand why the gap in mobile and desktop conversions persists in order to help eCommerce providers grow mobile sales.”

In short, it’s a community of companies using Magento as their ecommerce solution and they run multiple customized standardized experiments with a goal to increase their mobile conversion rates.

The results are then fed back to the system and aggregated. What you get is the list of tests with the average results.

Hard data.
Real companies.
Real financial impact.


According to The Mobile Optimization Initiative:

Data on $675 million of revenue, across 7.7 million transactions, have been collected through the Initiative to date.

Let’s see an example of one of the tests.

It starts with the name and the hypothesis.


The goal here is to reduce distraction on mobile by removing breadcrumbs.

The results are broken down into desktop, mobile, and table. For each, it’s further broken down into RPV (Revenue Per Visitor), CR (Conversion Rate), and AOV (Average Order Value).


Looking at the results, it (kinda) worked on desktop, with a +9% increase in revenue per visitor, +11% in average order value, and a slight decrease in conversion rate. But it worked much better on mobile: +16% RPV and +22% conversion rate. It didn’t work for tablet.

Here’s an example of how one of the tests looked like:


At the end, the analysis of data and things to consider.


Worked for over 80% of merchants. That’s a good sign. It may be worth trying for your own business.

What’s good about this data is that not only outlandishly good results are shared. All the results are shared. That’s why you can also see multiple tests with negative results. That’s a valuable lesson too. You can have a look at what was tested, see the negative impact and draw your own conclusions.

All without spending a dime of your own money.

Free learning!


Armed with 120+ experiments, with data, with examples, with conclusions, and with things to consider when implementing, you’re practically guaranteed to find multiple ideas to adapt and test, and if you don’t mess things up, you’re also practically guaranteed to have multiple winning tests too.

Here is this golden repository:

Live Mobile Commerce Experiments

 Learn as much from the losing tests as from the winning ones. Take advantage of this invaluable free education for which you would have to pay a lot of your own money if you had to learn it on your own.