It looks like Google stepped up its content and education game recently.

Not long ago I was writing about Secret Google UX Playbooks, and now another quality content from them.

This time it’s a comprehensive (and free) conversion rate optimization course for mobile:

The CRO Course: Win on Mobile

Most companies get more visitors from mobile than desktop, but many mobile sites are still not optimized to perfection. The result is suffering conversion rates and missed revenue.

And with this course, Google aims to fix this.

In their own words:

“In this conversion rate optimization course we will give you research and best practices around how to win on mobile, aimed at stakeholders, creative teams, analytics teams and developers.”

Here’s the table of contents so that you can see what’s inside:

Why mobile is important

1. Importance of mobile ➤ What all stakeholders must know

2. Mobile Speed ➤ The basics around the hot topic

3. Modern Web Technology ➤ For CTOs and developers

4. The Mobile Experience ➤ Intro to conversion rate optimization

How to fix mobile

5. Qualitative research ➤ The most missed opportunity

6. Quantitative research ➤ For analytics teams and creatives

7. Value proposition ➤ How to design for behavior types

8. Clarity ➤ Shift from aesthetics to findability

9. Urgency and distraction ➤ Design that increases motivation

10. Reduce anxiety ➤ The three anxiety peaks in ecommerce

11. Prioritizing tests ➤ Be data driven in where to start testing

12. A/B tests ➤ What you need to know before testing

13. Tests in Google Optimize ➤ Time to set up tests!

14. Fix speed ➤ For the developers

Each point is nicely explained in a video and all the useful and important stuff is also listed below the video.

There are also many real-life examples, charts, checklists, etc.


Google hands out free education and tells you what you should do to improve (and win) on mobile. While it’s not very advanced, there’s still a lot of good stuff inside and it should be a great resource for intermediate and beginner levels.

The CRO Course: Win on Mobile