What happens when your article is mentioned in the Morning Brew newsletter? [VelvetShark]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about why brands change their logos and look like everyone else. Then it got mentioned in the Morning Brew newsletter that goes out to 2m+ subscribers. The article describes all the details: placement, stats, effects, if it was worth it.


Btw, did you know that Morning Brew’s daily newsletter is taller than NBA basket? If you did, you’re better than Morning Brew’s CEO and editors because they were surprised when they saw it on Twitter today 🙂

Digital Agency Red Flags [Reddit]

All sorts of strange and shady business practices that agencies do to their clients:

  • The agency will only work out of their own ad accounts, especially on Facebook.
  • The agency will create its own Facebook pixel or use its own Facebook pixel on the client’s ad account.
  • The agency requires that you pay the ad spend directly to them, and in advance.
  • The agency charges one flat fee and that fee includes the ad buy.
  • The agency uses a shared/fake profile they log into when working on ads, instead of properly assigning each user access to specific assets in Business Manager.
  • The agency gives all employees admin access, regardless of what they actually need access to.
  • They advertise for multiple businesses under one account. This is against policy and a common reason for accounts and business managers to be disabled.
  • Agencies that send limited statistic reports and don’t encourage full data access.

All the explanations and more cautionary tales in the Reddit discussion.

Learn UX Design & UI Design [uxtoast]

Learn the fundamentals of UX & UI Design, including design laws and principles, visual design, and design processes.

Very nicely presented and clearly explained principles, laws in UX, tips, recommendations. Highly recommended, even if just as a refresher.

How to Grow a SaaS Company Past $10m ARR – Experience from Intuit & When I Work [Sujan Patel]

When you go into 8 figures, here’s what’s next for you:

  • Expand your product
  • Step up Your Branding
  • Sense-Check Your New Ideas
  • Hit the Ejector Button on Failing Tactics

More details on each step in the article.

Interview and Survey Questions [Joel Klettke]

Research is fundamental in conversion optimization, marketing, and even business in general. It rarely gets the attention it deserves. Joel from Business Casual Copywriting shares his battle-tested questions to ask and to get the most value out of them.

During the interview/survey you need to learn:

  • Pain points: the problems and challenges your leads face
  • Anxieties: the worries that keep them from buying
  • Desired outcomes: the happy ending they imagine for themselves
  • Priorities: how they weigh all of the above.

In the document, you’ll find the questions for each of the above, grouped into Before/During/After sections.

Read it, save it, use it, come back to it often.


Until next Thursday!

Radek Sienkiewicz

PS. Compared to the Morning Brew’s newsletter, GrowRevenue is short and tiny. It’s also weekly, not daily. But I intend to keep it that way, I don’t want to send you 1.5-Hardens-tall emails each day. Only the best and the most useful stuff.