Next time, when you feel the urge to watch Netflix, make it count.

Watch something inspiring. Something that gets your creative engines running again.

Here are 7 documentaries on Netflix that will inspire you to see the world from another perspective.

1. The Creative Brain (2019)


The Creative Brain was created by David Eagleman, who has has been a neuroscientist for more than twenty years. In this 52 minute long documentary you can learn about how the human brain works simultaneously towards and against creativity. A must watch that will surely inspire you to start creating and, more importantly, think about how you create.

2. Abstract: The Art of Design (2017)


This docu series features the epitomes of design in the 21st century. Featuring photography, architecture, shoe, car, and graphic design, as well as illustration. This docu series offers insight into the creative processes of many famed creators.

3. The Chef’s Table (2015 -)


What better representation of human creativity than food?

This docu series depicts how chefs from all over the world turn ingredients into intricate plates. But most importantly, highlights the creative process of each chef.

4. Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski (2018)


Szukalski is by no means a household name, though he would love that thought. This creative genius will provoke, captivate, and astound you.

Quotes uttered by Szukalski in the documentary include If you want to create new things for this world, you never listen to anybody” and all critics are parasites”. If that’s the type of inspiration you are looking for, look no further.

Though be wary, you might find yourself asking if it’s truly possible (or acceptable) to separate the art from the artist.

5. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2016)


Sometimes the creative process entails going back to the basics, or as this documentary calls it: the important things.

Think: “Simplicity is key” or “More is less” in the case of starting up your creative endeavors again.

6. My Beautiful Broken Brain (2016)


This documentary portrays Lotje Sodderland, who from a stroke experienced life changing loss of communicative abilities. Though gaining a new way of seeing the world, specifically colors. In this documentary Lotje defies death and doesn’t stop there. This story will make you aware of the complexity of the human brain and how fragile it is. Prompting you to appreciate your (often taken for granted) abilities.

7. The 100 Year Show (2015)


Carmen Herrera, who has been an abstract minimal artist since the 40s, receives recognition for this only once she nears her 100th birthday.

This documentary will inspire you to be patient in your creative endeavors. As long as you are breathing and working there is still a chance that your dreams will come true.

“If you wait for the bus, it will come. I waited 98 years for the bus to come.” — Carmen Herrera

7 Netflix Docs That Fuel Creativity

PS. I’ll watch #2 next: “Abstract: The Art of Design”. I love watching the work in progress. “How It’s Made” on Discovery always fascinated me. This promises to show even more: the creative process behind the products, not just production. Can’t wait.