Only one day a month. What would you do?

Conversion optimization should be a part of a company culture. But too often it is not. Too often it is pushed further down the priority list.

So the article is not a solution. It’s a temporary remedy.

No time? Not a priority? Try this, see the results and make it a priority.

Some of the well-known conversion optimizers answered the questions, and many of them are insightful.

A few of them tried to cheat and give answers to a different question. But there are enough quality answers nonetheless.

Some of the suggestions mentioned:

– Optimize nurturing emails
– Guerilla-style user testing
– Research, research, research
– Optimizing a targeted landing page for a specific segment of customers

Check out the article for many more.

If you had only one day a month to focus on optimization, what would you do?

PS. My take on the question? Do start with research. You’re only guessing when you don’t do your homework first. Once you know *where* to fix things, things about *why* they are not working *at that particular place*. After that, it should be easy to come up with ideas how to fix them.