Proven cold email templates that actually work [Art of Emails]

60+ proven cold email and sales email templates and scripts.

When you’re reaching out, when you’re following up, when you’re presenting quotes, when you’re overcoming objections. Without worrying about “Am I saying this right or will I scare them off?” “Am I asking for enough or will I leave money on the table?”

Edit any template on the spot. Copy and paste straight into your email or CRM.

  • How to follow up to move the sale forward (5 templates)
  • How to ask for referrals and get new clients (4 templates)
  • How to sell to existing customers and increase sales (4 templates)
  • How to pitch and partner with influencers (9 templates)
  • How to cold email prospects (B2B products) (6 templates)

The Art of Writing One-Sentence Product Descriptions

Dave Bailey wanted to know why some one-sentence descriptions sound like genius ideas while others flop. As he researched how successful founders presented their products before they were well-known, he discovered something interesting: viral products tend to have a ‘lead feature’. Something that can be described in one sentence.

Mark Zuckerberg describing Facebook, when they started: ‘Something where you can type someone’s name and find out a bunch of information about them.’

Travis Kalanick describing Uber, in 2011: ‘You push a button and in five minutes a Mercedes picks you up and takes you where you want to go.’

Facebook and Uber have many features, yet Mark and Travis elevate a single feature above the others, making the product easy to understand, easy to remember, and, most importantly, easy to talk about.

It’s easy to mistake a one-line description as just another communications tactic. However, crafting this sentence is one of the most strategic decisions a founder can make. If you want your product to be shared by word of mouth, then you must accept that it will likely pass from person to person as a single sentence.

29 Psychological Tricks and Tactics Used to Make People Buy More [Infographic]

A nice summary of pricing, sales, copywriting, conversion optimization tactics to sell more effectively. Some very well known and used for decades, some less obvious. A good refresher.


[Report] State of web analytics 2020: usage, pain points, and challenges [Hotjar]

Hotjar partnered up with CXL Agency to run an industry-wide survey and got insight from 2000+ pros on the good, the bad, and the ambiguous of traditional analytics. They report on what the best-in-class do (or don’t do) to really understand website visitors and customers, and leave you with some essential power-ups to help you get more from your analytics data.

Many interesting insights into how companies use (or don’t use) analytics. Especially how big and successful differ from the small ones.

Pricing Pictures [Slideshare]

Ask people the definition of ‘price’ and they will tell you the amount you pay for something.

A single fixed value comes to mind.

Except for when it isn’t…

This short slideshow (10 slides) shows how price is perceived. A good pricing primer and a reminder that people can perceive price from many different angles, and it affects their perception if it’s acceptable or not.


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