What’s the default answer to seemingly every problem with the website’s effectiveness?


And what’s the practically inevitable result of that?

Even further drop in conversions.

Then, after weeks or months of work, after countless hours of developers’ and designers’ work, the business is left with a new shiny toy which is less effective than the previous one.

And no one knows why.

The alternative is much less sexy. Instead of going all in on a redesign, fix and test smaller things, one by one. This way if something doesn’t work, you can quickly roll back and try something else.

The end result is a much more effective website further down the road. But not as shiny and not at once. And that’s not as exciting as working on something new.

But we’re not in a business of sexy. We’re in a business of money. If the process of making money is not sexy, well… you’re still getting money at the end 🙂

PS. Unless you are in a “starving artists” industry. Then yes, sexy is what you’re after. In such case, please disregard the above.