Are you a copywriter? Do you want to be one? Do you hire copywriters?

Then you’ll love this.

And it’s all about the money. Everyone loves money.

CopyHackers run an annual survey and send it to about 1,000 copywriters around the world. It’s the third survey now so you can start seeing some emerging trends.

There’s a lot of data in the article. About the money, the demographics, about going freelance or in-house. Check it out for the full breakdown.

Here are a few interesting charts:

What is your #1 source for new clients?


Client referrals rule here, consistently. Freelancers may be shifting away from websites like Upwork. Some sources are seriously underutilized or undervalued (like guest blogging.)

How is the demand for copywriting services changing?


The trend is pretty clear… demand for freelance copywriters is on the rise, which also correlates with the recent increase in working hours for copywriters.

How much are freelancers earning?


  • The bad news: more than 50% of freelance copywriters expect to earn less than $50,000 USD in 2017
  • The good news: that percentage is steadily dropping, and there’s a solid increase in annual earnings
  • Other earnings-related charts showed that in 2017, 54% of respondents charged at least $1000 per project. 5% charged $5k+
  • 73% of 2017 respondents charged between $50 and $149 per hour; that number was 54% in 2016 and 61% in 2015

How much do CROs (that would be me 😄), SEOs and other marketers earn? (2017)


  • 56% of marketer respondents (i.e., who are not copywriters) expect to earn at least $50K USD in 2017
  • 18% expect to earn at least $100K, versus 7% for in-house copywriters and 13% for freelance copywriters

There are also answers to a few bonus questions, like:

  • “What’s your biggest worry as a copywriter?”
  • “What’s the thing you love most about being a copywriter?”
  • “How do you position your services to compete against lower-cost competitors?”

I love reading about money and getting a more clear image about an industry as a whole, so I loved all the data.


Salary Survey Results: Freelance copywriter income