Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else? [VelvetShark]

I noticed a recent trend where many companies’ logos started using similar sans serif fonts. After digging deeper and looking into reasons why this is happening, I decided to write an article about it. This is the article.


Indie Letters

Indie Letters is a marketing newsletter for indie makers. A must-read bi-weekly briefing of marketing knowledge, tools & learning resources for solopreneurs, and makers.

Here’s an example of what you could expect to get – their latest issue.

Headline Swipe File

Sometimes (or, rather, usually) it’s hard to quickly come up with a good headline. Yet, headline is 80% of the job. If it’s not good, it doesn’t matter how great is the rest of your content, nobody will see it anyway.

This swipe file should be a great inspiration.

Many headlines will sound very over the top or salesy but these are all proven, battle-tested, classic headlines. Taken together, they probably sold billions worth of products and services. There’s more than enough to inspire you to come up with a good one for your business.

An example of a salesy but effective headline? Here you go:

“How A Completely Self-Taught Pip-Squeak Golfer Ignored Everything The So-Called “Experts” Teach… And Stumbled On The ONE BIG DARN SECRET To Instantly Adding Dozens Of Laser-Accurate Yards To Your Tee Shots… Especially If You’re Too Short, Too Tall, or Too Out-OfShape!”

The 35 best content marketing tools in 2020 [Alex Birkett]

Why this list of content marketing tools won’t suck? For starters, Alex only included tools he’s actually used. That’s a big deal. I can tell you with complete confidence that almost every product listicle you’ve ever read is filled with 80%+ tools the author has never actually logged into. This is not such an article.

Why is it worth listening to Alex?

He’s worked on content at three companies (including CXL and HubSpot, two companies essentially built on content/SEO) and he runs a premium content marketing agency that works with clients in the 9 figure revenue range. I.e. lots of experience using different tools at different price points, from super low touch and freemium up to the most expensive enterprise options.

Many useful tools included, some quite unexpected.

How To Grow A SaaS Company From $0-$100k ARR – Experience from Narrow & Voila Norbert [Sujan Patel]

Maximizing growth can look very different depending on the size of your company.

Here, Sujan is going to look at growing businesses with an ARR of $0–$100K. He knows what it takes to drive growth at companies in this bracket, because he’s done it a few times with Narrow, VoilaNorbert.com, Mailshake and a handful of others SaaS companies he’s invested in or advised.

At this size, you likely don’t have the budget for a huge brand-building campaign. You might not be in a place to hire your first salesperson.

So what can you do? The article lists 6 different methods to try.


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Radek Sienkiewicz

PS. From the article about similar logos: can you guess which one of these handbags is real? 🙂