What’s the state of play in content marketing? What content should you be creating, how should you be distributing it, and where should you be promoting it? There are a million opinions out there, but here you get a million stats instead (actually, 101).

Solid data on emails, SEO, strategy and whole lot else.

1. The Market For Content Marketing
– Importance
– Budget
2. Strategy
3. B2B vs. B2C: What’s New?
4. Sales and Marketing: Taking The Lead
5. What is Content Today?
6. Blogging: Has The King of Content Lost Its Crown?
7. Mobile
8. Content and SEO Come Together
9. Social Media in 2017
10. Email: Still Number 1

The article has plenty of charts, useful data, and sometimes surprising trends. You should take a look. I guarantee you will find at least one helpful piece for yourself.

The Numbers Behind Content Marketing: Essential Statistics for 2017