Tactics don’t necessarily fail because they’re bad.

They fail because of the context around them.

It all works. SEO works. Facebook ads work. Conversion optimization works.

But the degree to which they deliver depends wildly on other factors.

And the only way to ensure success is to get those things right, first, before jumping headfirst into the tactics.

The article describes in more detail a few “don’t work” scenarios and tells how to make them work.

– Facebook ads “don’t work”
– Custom audiences aren’t segmented
– Conversion tracking is off (or non-existent)

Conclusion: all tactics work to one degree or another.

Some might be more appropriate for a particular company. However, beyond the obvious, there are margins for error.

Those margins get worryingly large when you’re neglecting to take context into account.

Tactics are good, but they’re not miracle workers. What worked for one person on one site at one particular time will almost certainly not work the same for you.

The more time you spend doing the hard, boring stuff to get a better handle on your scenario, the better your probability of success gets.

And the more lucrative those changes can become.

The Reason Why All Those Marketing Tactics Keep Failing