Have you ever noticed that it seems like every single company seems to send their email newsletter at the same time?

This newsletter goes out at 6 am, daily. (Based on the info below, it may change though…)

The author of the article set out to find when the best time to send an email newsletter is, in the most scientific way ever, by signing up for 100 different newsletters and recording all of their send times.

Here’s what he found out (click to enlarge).


1. Send it from 11-12PM, 1-2PM, or 2-3PM

If you were looking for the best time to send an email, select a time where there is little competition.
From 11-12PM, 1-2PM and 2-3PM not a single email was sent in the study. Not one.

2. Or from 10-11AM

This is another period where almost zero email newsletters were sent out in our study. In fact, there was only one email sent out in that whole time period.

3. Never between 6-7PM

This time period was so crowded that more than 10% of all the emails in the study were sent during this hour chunk each day.

It does kind of make sense why brands would decide to send their weekly email at this time.

Their audience has made it home from their jobs and starting to relax. They should be pretty open to receiving a newsletter about their hobby, interest or activity.

But again, you are brawling in their inbox with a ton of other well-crafted emails for their attention.

4. And avoid after 9 PM or before 7 AM

One of the easiest ways to fall into a morning deleting spree is to send your email late at night.

Between 9 PM and 7 AM, more than 60% of all emails in the study were sent.

5. Wednesdays & Saturdays Have Potential

Just like with the hours of the day, you are going to want to pick a day of the week that has the least competition.

The best day to send your email is Wednesday, with Saturday coming in at a close second.


6. Thursdays are the Worst Day to Send

It received more than double the number of emails when compared to Wednesday and Saturday.

Exactly 25% of all the emails were sent on a Thursday, with no other days coming close.

Those findings will hopefully keep you from sending an email newsletter at the wrong time or day.

Tomorrow I will try to send it at 2 pm instead of 6 am. I’ll see if it has any effect on the number of people who open it.

Or maybe you prefer it to stay at 6 am, so that you have a daily dose of education in the morning?

▶️▶️▶️ Reply with a quick “6 am is fine” or “Let’s try 2 pm” to let me know. Thanks!


6 Tips For Sending Your Email Newsletter At The Right Time