Answers to tough questions about conversion optimization, effective ad creatives, or how to use filters effectively. Lots of interesting insights and learnings.

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Expert Answers to 9 Tough CRO Questions [invesp]

While I’m not a fan of “ask X experts some questions and you have an article”, this one has useful stuff in it. First, some questions are interesting and I’m genuinely interested in how people answered. Second, the experts are not people you’ve never heard of (at least in my case), as is usually the case with this type of articles.

Questions answered:

  • Are there any risks involved in an optimization project?
  • What comes first, CRO, SEO, or PPC?
  • Should CRO be framed as a marketing initiative or a business strategy?
  • What’s the key to an effective Conversion Strategy?
  • How do you calculate the revenue impact of a CRO program?
  • Do performance-based CRO projects work?
  • Can you do testing on a site with low traffic/conversions?
  • How long does it take to see results from CRO?
  • What type of benefit should I expect from a CRO project? Should I expect an increase in revenue or conversions? What %?

Four ad creatives you need to test [Twitter thread]

These ad styles are effective whether starting with a brand new account or in need of a creative refresh for your brand or your clients. The ad types:

  • Customer/Influencer Testimonial
  • UGC Lifestyle Application (e.g., assembling a sofa, from unpacking to sitting on it)
  • Reasons Why
  • Us Vs. Them

See the thread for video examples.

Generating Six-Figure Profits from $40 SEO Audits [Gaps]

A long and detailed article about selling small-ticket items and generating revenue as a secondary result of those sales (on top of the initial price paid).

Process description, landing page analysis, pricing experiment results, everything.


A treasure trove of ideas for freelancers or consultants who want to grow their services business. Btw, the process is applicable to almost any industry, it doesn’t have to be SEO.

Frustrating Design Patterns: Broken Filters [Smashing Magazine]

Too often dealing with filters can be frustrating. Especially for big catalogs. This article gets them right.

What’s right? Never freeze the UI on a single input, provide text input fallback and never auto-scroll users on a single input. The article explains why (and how).


What’s the comfortable number of TVs you want to see when choosing a TV? Probably not 500, but rather 5–10 good ones. That’s where filters matter.


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