According to global consultancy Deloitte, for the first time this holiday shopping season, American shoppers will buy more online than they purchase offline.

All told, Deloitte expects that 51% of the more than $1 trillion in sales that occur in the holiday shopping period will come through online sales, up from 47% last year. In-store sales will account for 42% of total sales, down from 47% last year.

Interestingly, while mobile’s growing role in online retail has become evident in recent years, the survey found that 83% of holiday shoppers will use a desktop or laptop device to conduct their shopping and 75% will use a device to complete a purchase.

Mobile, on the other hand, will be more often used for browsing and comparisons. 59% of mobile shoppers will make a purchase, up from 43% in 2016, but that’s still substantially lower than the desktop/laptop figure, suggesting that retailers would be wise to think about how shoppers will be using different kinds of devices and optimizing customer journeys accordingly.

Soooo, how does your mobile/desktop presence look? Does it take into account what people primarily do on each? Or is it just a mirror image on a smaller screen?

US online sales to surpass in-store sales this holiday season: report