How to learn more faster

Since 2010, GV (formerly Google Ventures) helped hundreds of startups (like Nest, Foundation Medicine, Flatiron Health, Slack, Gusto, Lime, and Uber) use UX research to answer critical business questions and to build more successful products.

Based on this experience, they have compiled a  library of resources with everything you need to learn more faster about your customers, your ideas, and your designs .

Why do UX Research?

What research does your team need?

Plan Your Research Approach

Different Types of Research

1. UX Interviews

What equipment do you need?

Recruiting participants

Drafting interview guides

Interview techniques: Getting the most out of conversations with customers

Observing interviews

2. Surveys

3. Online Research

How to Measure Success


With all the resources above, you’re more than sure to learn enough about your prospects to turn them into customers.

GV’s Guide to UX Research for Startups

 No matter how well you think you know your customers, I assure you that there’s a 100% chance that you will learn much more with a proper research process. It never fails to deliver.