Don’t want your pages to look like everybody else’s? Check out these 5 landing page and web design trends for 2019.

From dynamic typography to animation, it will not only look good bu also will help you boost your conversions (and ring in the new year)!

1 – Dynamic Typography


For starters, it’s a subtle way to rope users into sticking around on your site. Small touches make a difference.

Animated typography is all well and good, but what if you were hoping for something a little more responsive? Consider checking out variable fonts (that is, typefaces that change width and height when you scale your page)—Dropbox is a great example of this. Not only do variable fonts make you seem on the cutting edge of tech, but also customize the experience for your user based on their viewing browser.

Still not quite what you’re looking for? Let’s give dynamic text replacement a shot. Tailoring your copy to your audience based on what site they’re on (and where they are in your funnel) gives you a greater shot at roping them in the long run.

2 – Minimalism


More likely than not, your landing pages are being consumed on the go—on trains, on buses, and in that split second your user is at a stoplight. Pair this with ever-shortening attention spans, and you’ll find that site speed is key to getting your message across quickly. Design will have to adapt to ensure that load times stay low. How do you go about this? By keeping your design minimal (less is always more!), and supplementing the clean layout with unique details—think either small bursts of hand-drawn type and patterns, brief animation, or quick dashes of bright color! Experimenting with new techniques will help your message pop, and let the personality of your brand shine through.

3 – Animation


Next prediction? Animation! Subtlety is key here—you don’t need to have an entire animation studio behind you to make your dream work(s). Bits and pieces of animation scattered across your landing page will help support your text and imagery—-and set you apart from the passive visuals of your competition.

4 – Geometric Shapes


Picture any shape with three or more sides—and it’s all the rage. Triangle, squares, hexagons, you name it. Distinctive enough to draw the eye around your site, but simple enough to serve as a supporting feature to your message, adding a couple geometric figures to the background will get your page in ship shape. Not only is this trend a throwback to classic Swiss Design, but it will also elevate your page, giving your brand a certain flair of je ne sais quoi without much effort.

5 – Accessibility


Promoting a landing page with green text on a red background might look seasonally festive, but it’s a wash if a good portion of your visitors are green-red colorblind. Improving your site’s accessibility enhances the experience for people of all abilities, and ultimately boosts your conversions by opening your product up to a wider audience.


There you have it. From variable fonts to minimalist layouts, the top 5 digital trends of 2019 distilled into an easy-to-drink, tall glass of water. Don’t just sip it—get down and dirty with your landing pages, and test out which trends work best for your product or service.

5 landing page and web design trends for 2019

PS. I particularly like the animation (and geometric shapes as close second). Do you happen to know a good animation designer? I’d like to try something new on my website. If you know someone good, just shoot me an email.