Quick and easy A/B test result for you today.

Which hero image won on desktop, but lost on mobile?

Image 1:

Image 2:

To test which image converted better, more than 23,000 visitors saw either the brunette or blonde image. Traffic was split 50/50 across both versions, and across desktop and mobile devices.

The test ran for two weeks.

The result: one of the images increased clicks on the Call To Action (CTA) by 7.93%. But only for desktop viewers.

For mobile, the same image decreased clicks on the CTA by 0.67%.

Do you have an idea which image performed better on mobile? And more importantly, why?

Head over to the article and click on the image you think have won. You will see the results and description of the test.

What is the learning from all this?

Remember that what works in one place is not guaranteed to work elsewhere. Mobile is not the same as desktop. In this case, due to the constraints of technology.

You should always think about what is different and take this into account. Technology? Demographics? Day of the week? Sense of urgency? Everything counts.

Better yet, while being aware of the differences, test all your hypotheses. Don’t guess.


Which Hero Image Won on Desktop, But Lost on Mobile?