Too often, we use pictures as nothing more than a design element on our sales pages.

They can be much more than that.

When used poorly, images work against us, but when used correctly, they can do things in our customers’ minds that our copywriting cannot.

It doesn’t make sense to describe all the images here when you can just go and have a look.

The article shows 6 case studies that prove how images can make or break our conversion rates.

#1. Using Images To Visualize Benefits Increased Revenue Per Visitor By 17%
#2. A 28% Increase In Product Image Size Resulted In A 63% Conversion Lift
#3. Adding A Smile Increased Sales By 10%
#4. Switching From Stock Photos To Real Shots Increased Lead Signups By 45%
#5. Using The Right Colors Increased Opt-Ins By 132%
#6. Aligning Images With Copy Boosted Revenue By 108%

Have a look, get inspired, implement, and once you do that, here are a few pictures for you: 💰💸💲🤑💵💶

Which Pictures Convert Best? Your Guide To High-Converting Images